GM's Big Road Network for Hands-Free Driving

GM's hands-free driving is growing to 750,000 miles of roads. They're adding new highways in the U.S.

GM's Super Cruise, a hands-free driving tool, will soon work on about 750,000 miles of highways across the U.S. and Canada. Right now, it works on around 400,000 miles, including some roads without middle dividers and, pretty soon, smaller roads too. GM is making this bigger network happen with free internet updates. Some cars with Super Cruise won't get this update, though.

Owners of GM cars with Super Cruise will soon have double the roads in North America where they can drive without using their hands. GM announced they're increasing the network from about 400,000 miles of roads to 750,000 miles by next year.

More Roads for Super Cruise

Super Cruise started in 2017. It lets drivers go on big roads mapped out by GM without touching the steering wheel. You still need to watch the road, though. A year ago, Super Cruise only worked on 200,000 miles of roads, but now it's grown to include some roads that aren't split in the middle.

By the end of 2025, GM plans to make Super Cruise work on even more roads in the U.S. and Canada—almost four times more. This will include smaller highways between towns. Super Cruise can now change lanes by itself and works when you're pulling a trailer.

More Roads for Super Cruise

For most GM cars with Super Cruise, more roads will be available through internet updates. This update is free, but it won't be done until 2025. It takes about a month for each car to update after GM adds new roads to its maps.

Sadly, if you have a Cadillac CT6, a Cadillac XT6, or a Chevy Bolt EUV with Super Cruise, you won't get access to the bigger network.

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