2024 Lucid Air Prices Go Down

Lucid is making its electric cars cheaper. The basic car now costs $7,500 less.

Lucid is cutting prices for its Lucid Air cars. The starting price for the basic Air Pure model is now $7,500 less. This car, which won a big award in 2024, now starts at $71,400. The prices for the Touring and Grand Touring models are also lower by $8,000 and $1,000.

Lucid says they set the new price like they first thought.

Lucid Air Gets Cheaper

Lucid Air's prices are lower now, from $1,000 to $8,000 less.

The biggest price drop is for the Air Touring model, but the biggest news is about the Air Pure model. This basic model, which drives with just the back wheels, is now $7,500 cheaper. It starts at $71,400 now.

Lucid also offers a special look package for the Air Pure model for an extra $2,950. Before, only the more expensive models had this option.

Lucid Air Gets Cheaper

The Touring model, another version of the car, is now $8,000 cheaper. It starts at $79,400. This model is stronger, with 620 horsepower because it has two electric motors and can drive with all four wheels.

The very powerful Grand Touring model with 1,050 horsepower is now $1,000 cheaper, starting at $111,400. The price for the top Sapphire model, the most expensive, hasn't changed. It costs $250,500.

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